View Full Version : Website Idea to heavily increase votes for a third party candidate:

06-15-2012, 02:17 PM
Hear me out on this. What's keeping Americans from voting for a third party candidate? Many will say "because we want Obama out of the White House." Ultimately, it comes down to a psychological game. If I'm going to vote for Barack Obama and choose to vote third party, I'm only helping the other candidate. Likewise for a Mitt Romney supporter. So ultimately, people feel that a vote for a third party candidate is merely a vote for the other guy.

Let me ask this, now. Is there any way to change this for good? Yes. This idea isn't my own, but I did hear it from a colleague, and I think it's brilliant. And honestly, I'd love to have someone help me to take this from an idea to reality. Suppose, if a gun were held to your head, you'd vote for Obama. Now suppose you find a Mitt Romney supporter from your state. Now imagine this: you both agree to not vote for either of the two major parties, and instead vote for a third party candidate together. What you've now done is taken away the "psychological game" of voting for either of the two parties, since your vote combined with the other person's vote will cancel out any affect it would otherwise have on the election. If such a website could be put together where you're matched with someone who'd vote for the opposing candidate from your choice-Romney or Obama, this could really influence the third party vote total if done effectively.

I'd imagine the website would be like this. You enter in your name, party affiliation, choice--Obama or Romney, the state you vote in, and email address. Once someone else signs up with the same state they vote in and with the opposing candidate, you're both sent a message pairing you with the other person. For privacy concerns, I would imagine that it would either be an internal message on the actual website, or it would be an email giving each person a website-generated email for the other person that would forward to the other, similar to what Craigslist has. I've heard the code for this would be relatively simple, I'd be more than willing to design the actual layout of the website, though I'll admit, that's pretty limited to just a mockup since I'm not all that great with CSS. If anyone wants to run with this idea, or get in contact with me about it, I'd be glad to offer my help, though I cannot manage it--that'll be a job for someone else.