View Full Version : Persuasion is VERY ineffective compared to Enrollment & Registration

05-30-2012, 09:52 AM
Persuasion is very ineffective compared to Enrollment & Registration. It's the same experience as being incredibly touched, moved, and inspired (regardless if you agree or not)......that would be enrollment. Registration is actually having what you say be experienced as an opportunity by the other person. There is no persuasion, trying to get somebody to get somewhere or say yes, or even trying to create some sort of outcome. I've been trained in these conversations which have allowed me to turn a socialist into a Ron Paul supporter over dinner and convert 7 Rick Santorum supporters to Ron Paul supporters in Charleston, South Carolina within a few hours. Aside from politics, I've used this stuff to save a whole department at a University and have the results be acknowledged by President Barack Obama, had a project taken up by a billionaire, and have also used this stuff to repair my family, I've used it to empower people running for office both local and federal to increase their own productivity and performance. I've used it to turn a situation where I was being mugged into one where the guy was moved to tears within a minute and we went out for dinner and I empowered him to set up a business.

This shit is powerful. It also takes being willing to see something beyond what's already in your own awareness. If you would like to get trained in having these kind of conversations, being able to move people so deeply without EVER having to persuade people or convince people....then I would highly recommend one of TWO things.

1) If you are more into having your ass kicked, your bullshit ripped right out of you, and getting VERY rapid results then I would recommend signing up for this course called The Landmark Forum which I have personally done almost 5 years ago and can vouch for. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing in Politics if it wasn't for this training. Lots of big people within the Liberty movement have done this stuff. Lots of big CEOs have done it too. The movies The Matrix & Fight Club were based off this training. I could connect you with lots of other Liberty activists who have done this training.

2) If you are more the play it safe type, maybe want to do things a bit more on your own pace then I would recommend calling Kym Dolcimascolo who is amazing and one of the best of the best at producing any result people want in their lives. Her phone number is 813-416-5778 and you can call her and she will take 1 hour of time to actually give you a free sample of what she has to offer so as opposed to hearing about it, you EXPERIENCE it.

Anyway, this stuff puts persuasion techniques to shame in my own view.