View Full Version : Vacation Bomb

05-29-2012, 01:41 PM
It just hit me, this will be an interesting gimmick or promotion for the Ron Paul 2012 movement.

I think we, as Ron Paul supporters, should offer incentives for a state to deliver a Ron Paul win in a popular vote ( I know we all want a popular vote and is dissapointed thus far)

The first state where Ron wins... Ron Paul supporters will go to that state for vacation/tourism. We could make a pledgesheet and try to get people to sign up. If we can get a coupld hundred thousand Ron Paul supporters to pledge to go vacation in that state this year/early next year, it would be awesome. The incentive would be the tourism revenue from the supporters that would benefit local economy and the state. Hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters would generate tens of millions of dollars for that state and help the economy. It is not only Ron Paul supporters. There are also family and friends that would go and would increase spending. Imagine if we actually boosted tourism in a state by a substantial margin? Talk about power!

Although, you might be thinking, "Hmm, how can we get people to follow through on pledges so we don't look bad.." Well, wouldn't you want to visit the state that delivered a win for Ron Paul and the liberty movement? Didn't a bunch of you guys wanted to move to Maine if Ron Paul won Maine? Delegate wins are nice and all, but it would still be nice to win a popular vote at least once. I'd also assume that most Ron Paul supporters would have the integrity and respect to honor such a pledge.

We could make like button badges for all that goes to the winner state, just so local businesses and establishments will know that we are there honoring our end of the bargin. I think the hardest thing is somehow promoting it so all the remaining states that has yet to vote.. knows of this gimmick.

However, I don't have the experience or know-how to execute this =(. It has to be done at grassroots level. The campaign seems to want to be under the radar.