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05-27-2012, 06:18 PM
This idea has been floating around in my mind for some time now, ever since I started seeing all the direct evidence on video of all the fraud and dirty tactics being employed by Romney supporters and the case in Maine that appears to have direct links to Romney himself.

Someone (a delegate, or the Ron Paul campaign) needs to compile a list of all of the evidence of all the numerous instances of fraud, rule breaking, and other improprieties, and provide all this evidence to someone in the Obama campaign to make sure they have it. And when I say provide it, I don't mean e-mail it to some generic link on a website. I mean get in touch with someone personally, someone well connected in the Obama camp, and make sure they receive it and that they know the significance of what they are receiving.

The reason I'm suggesting this is, in Tampa, anyone supporting Romney who is too stupid to think Romney can beat Obama needs a wake-up call, and instead of just throwing around the possibility Obama is going to use this stuff against Romney, why not make it a certainty?

Personally I don't see anything underhanded about this tactic. I say, if you don't want to get caught with dirt on your hands, then don't go playing in the mud. Fair is fair, and Karma's a bitch.

05-27-2012, 06:45 PM
Obama knows he can beat Romney and he knows he can't beat Ron Paul (most likely). They're all part of the same team.

05-28-2012, 08:18 AM
...They're all part of the same team.

Yes, they are.

The teams are RULERS versus RULED.

For nostalgia's sake, let us call We The People the HOME TEAM. It includes the full spectrum of ideological stripes. It includes irreconcilable differences and predictable feuding (the dividing)...and predictable losses (the conquering).

For POSITIVITY'S sake, let us call Rulers the VISITING TEAM. It includes ballot access bullshit, no-holds-barred methodologies and control of vote-counting apparatuses. It includes the Democratic National Committee AND THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE.

05-28-2012, 08:28 AM
Don't get me wrong...I believe FRAUD is rampant. But don't expect OBAMA-OF-ACORN-NOTORIETY to get anti-corruption-y about it.

Just like the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE ain't exactly making a stink about it.

I am ALL FOR libertarian-leaning Legal Eagles WHO HAVE ALREADY ACCUMULATED THEIR NEST EGGS doing some pro bono going-for-the-jugular. But even if they WILL (I recommend against holding breath), the absolute LAST thing the people need (or Ron Paul WANTS, I should think) is a slow-moving Al Gore-esque legal cloud hanging over results...while America and the world MOVE ON with the contested results.

05-28-2012, 03:05 PM
No... I think you guys are missing the point of my post entirely. Of course Obama wants Romney to win the nomination as much as Romney does. That's a given.

I'm saying that when Romney does NOT get 1,144 votes on the first go-round, and it becomes a brokered convention, and now let's say Ron Paul doesn't have 1,144 votes on the second vote either, and some haggling and negotiating has to happen a la Warren G. Harding, then this is an immensely powerful piece of artillery, in my opinion.

Those supporting Romney in the GOP--those who matter in Tampa, i.e. Romney delegates--on the third vote, they are going to need to be persuaded that Romney cannot defeat Obama, because up until now they are too dense to realize it apparently.

So I'm saying, "Look--you should support Ron Paul because Obama has been handed re-election because of all this fraud that has happened in this primary race. They have all the ammo over there. So vote Ron Paul, because your delegate vote for Romney is basically a vote for Obama at this point."

I'm not talking about the general election. I'm talking about Tampa, and influencing Romney delegates. They have to know the futility of their efforts because of the corruption that has already been so widely exposed. And they have to be crazy to think Obama isn't going to get a massive media blitz going to make it clear for the nation to see, when it's time for him to go up against Romney.

I think it's a powerful weapon that needs to be put into the arsenal. Give all the evidence of Romney fraud to Obama's people and make sure they have it. And use it as leverage in Tampa.