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05-27-2012, 05:52 AM


At LibertyUSA PAC we treat your donations seriously. The money will be used carefully for the said objectives. There will be transparency. The uses of all funds will be posted on this site. All funds will be accounted for. We're in this for the win, but also for real freedom and prosperity, and that requires the utmost honesty.

There has been great bias against Dr. Paul. The good doctor has also extensively been maligned. Thus, many people have yet to hear his message. Or, they have heard is distorted, in some cases nothing but lies. These lies and distortions have caused well-meaning people to lose interest in his message. This must be corrected through various means which by-pass the standard media sources. This is primarily through direct mail and one-on-one canvassing. When people do find out the real nature of his message, they often join the revolution in legions.

Regarding direct mail experts agree that this is an effective tool to bring out the vote and to demonstrate fully a candidate's platform. LibertyUSA PAC emphasizes direct mail through the well-established Super Brochure mailing campaign. With this campaign the mailings are targeted to individuals known as Super Voters, in other words, dedicated Republicans, who have are registered voters and have voted in the last two presidential elections. Again, the goal is to bring Dr. Paulís message before all motivated Republican voters, especially in Texas and California.The buys for the brochure will be posted here, the ticker demonstrating the level of activity. Once this is achieved, mailings will then be used to target independents and Paul-leaning democrats.

Dr. Paul accounts for our money in a fastidious and meticulous way. At LibertyUSA PAC his lead will be followed, and you will know how the money is spent: every penny.