View Full Version : Get Ron Paul to NC GOP convention

05-20-2012, 08:41 PM
Ron Paul was invited to the NC GOP convention (June 1-3) but declined because he would be campaigning for the primaries in CA and TX.

Now that the campaign has changed focus to the state conventions and getting national delegates he should honor the request and attend the NC convention.

- NC is a major battleground state. It's largely Republican, but Obama won it in '08.
- Romney did worse in the primary here (66%) than McCain did in '08. He is vulnerable here.
- There are a lot of "tea party" groups in NC and many of them are struggling with having to "unify" behind Romney.
- The NC GOP lied to Paul supporters in '08 and transplanted McCain supporters in for the "at large" Paul delegates slots.
- At the '08 convention Senator Burr refused to acknowledge the delegate votes for Paul and instead announced all 55 votes for McCain.
- .... Donald Trump will be speaking Friday night.