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05-20-2012, 03:51 PM
Listening to Adam vs. The Man from 5/19/12 and thought how do we get the #'s of the people that are bound to Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and lobby their support?


05-24-2012, 04:38 AM
These people are not idealists and do not support the Constitution.
They do not see that Romney is the same as Obama.
They are desperate to get a GOP candidate elected as POTUS.
They know very little about Romney. Fox News hasn't told them anything of interest and they haven't bothered to find out for themselves - most of what Fox has told them are lies.
We need to persuade them that GOP would suffer a crushing defeat (which they will) if Romney is nominated.
We need to persuade them that GOP would lose Senate and Congressional seats at both National and State level with an Obama landslide win.
We need to tell them that Romney will get no quiet "coronation" in Tampa, which will further reduce his poll ratings as it will be aired on National TV (except Fox).
We need to tell them that Ron Paul supporters are not neocon GOP. A lot of us are not GOP at all. They need to be persuaded that we will not fall into line and vote Romney.
We need to do all that we can to get Romney down in the polls, by getting the information out on Romney now. Obama would rather wait until after Tampa.
There is zero enthusiasm for Romney - a lot of Gingrich and Santorum supporters intend to "hold their nose" and vote Romney.
Romney has very low approval ratings, it won't take much for Obama to swing over a few million Indie's.
Obama will not show his hand until after Tampa. He wants Romney as the nominee because he knows he can easily beat him.
Romney is a very weak candidate, imposed on GOP from above.

Lastly we need to persuade them that Ron Paul is the only one that can beat Obama in November. And he is favorite to do so. Which he is.

A few suggestions as to how to achieve the above.

Anti Romney

Pro Ron Paul

There are other things like Europe is about to collapse under it's mountainous debts and America will go the same way if the deficits are not brought under control.
How China is planning for a world without the US Dollar as the Reserve Currency and actively pursuing actions to make this happen.

We could also try CARR - Conservatives against RINO Romney.
Newt fans I have spoken to, liked this idea.