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05-17-2012, 01:38 AM
Dear Ron Paul Supporters:

Your help is needed as soon as possible*to purchase*a large advertisement for RON PAUL*to be published in the statewide Arkansas*Democrat-Gazette*Newspaper that would be*delivered to over 180,000 subscribers in Arkansas with a total readership of 443,128 people*(as claimed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette).

This is AD design:
(3 columns across X 10 inches high)

If Mitt Romney obtains 51% or more of the vote in the upcoming May 22nd primary, then he will receive*ALL*of the available Arkansas delegates.**Thus it is of critical importance that he receives less than 51% of the vote.

Also, if RON PAUL obtains at least 15% of the vote in the upcoming May 22nd primary, then he will be guaranteed to receive at least one DELEGATE to the Tampa National Convention.

The central message of the above RON PAUL AD was conceived by Ron Paul supporter Coralyn Liscinski during her phone-banking calls for the Ron Paul Campaign in Arkansas.* Many of the phone call recipients initially indicated they would be voting for Mitt Romney in the primary .... but, when asked if they would*consider voting for RON PAUL in the PRIMARY to SEND A MESSAGE TO MITT ROMNEY, they responded*favorably.

I have also had similar results when phone banking and when talking with people who have seen the above ad that has already been published in the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record newspaper.* When people see Ron Paul's record and what he represents as shown in the AD, these people (who believe that Romney will be the Republican candidate) become convinced that it*IS important to SEND ROMNEY A MESSAGE by*VOTING FOR RON PAUL IN THE PRIMARY!

There is a chance that if this AD is run statewide across Arkansas that it could help prevent Romney from obtaining 51% of the primary vote, thus preventing him from taking all of the state's delegates.

We need your help!

This is a large 1/4-page advertisement that would be published on Monday, the day before the Tuesday, May 22nd PRIMARY.* Typically, the Monday newspaper is a smaller newspaper and thus the AD would be more likely to stand out and be seen by the reader.

The AD coverage would be to over 180,000 subscribers throughout all 75 counties in Arkansas.

Total AD cost is $3046.50 which equates to a cost of less than 2 per person (based upon 180,000 subscribers), or a fraction of a penny based upon a total readership of 443,128 people.

If 50 Ron Paul supporters were able to donate $60 each, the AD cost would be covered.* But any amount that you could afford would be greatly appreciated to help cover the cost of this AD!


The deadline for this AD is this*Thursday, May 17th!

If you can help donate to purchase this AD ---*AND SEND A MESSAGE TO OVER 180,000 FELLOW ARKANSANS ACROSS THE STATE.

Glenn Gallas*of Hot Springs, Arkansas --*radio talk show host and Ron Paul supporter*-- has offered his website ---http://ontherightroad.org/*--- as a means to donate and raise money for this*statewide RON PAUL ADVERTISEMENT.*


When you CLICK ON this site:**http://ontherightroad.org/*--- you will see a*TAB*in the upper left with the word "DONATE".* Click on that*TAB*and you will be taken to a page entitled "Citizens for the American Agenda" whereby you can donate whatever you can afford using your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, DISCOVER, or PayPal account.

All monies donated between now and Friday (May 18th) will be dedicated to the statewide*RON PAUL ADVERTISEMENT*in the Arkansas*Democrat-Gazette*newspaper that will reach over 180,000 fellow Arkansans.

We can make this happen for Ron Paul!!!

Thank you so much for your support of RON PAUL and his message of freedom and individual liberty for all Americans!

With true freedom in mind,

Evan Soule'
Greater Garland County
Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Organizer
Hot Springs, Arkansas
(501) 318-4932

05-21-2012, 08:53 PM
Goal was met. This ad appeared in today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette:


05-21-2012, 09:18 PM
that is AWESOME thanks for sharing