View Full Version : NRP Challenge Committee engagement as an opportunity

05-16-2012, 11:31 AM
If I am not mistaken, Dr. Paul is a challenger. He is challenging Romney as the presumptive nominee and a myriad of other establishment conditions.

The recent developments in state conventions about raising delegates apart from the popular votes results and about their ability to vote 'their conscience' or abstain being 'Romney bound' delegates are issues that confuse a whole lot of people if not everyone. Plus they represent the life of the campaign in such issues as truth in advertising and commitment. They seem to reveal the will of Dr. Paul to win the campaign for President he himself started and if he is really committed to winning the nomination after all. The political issue that seems to confront Ron Paul delegates is what would be acceptable behavior at the Convention and what rights are guaranteed to them. To clarify and make certain that the campaign is committed to winning I recommend the following: To engage the NRP Challenge Committee about issues regarding the campaign's delegate rights on the floor. The beauty of this type of engagement is that it has minimum costs but can produce maximum results.

a.) To engage the NRP Challenge Committee as early as possible on each and every issue regarding delegate's rights to represent their state, themselves and to represent the campaign.

b.) To engage them in the aggregate as a whole, but also as regional actors and as responsible individuals.

c.) To engage them honorably but to engage them with political accountability.

d.) To demand transparency in their process.

I believe the NRP Challenge Committee should be tagged with resolving all issues pertaining to the campaign status vis a vis floor and representational rights. If these suggestion seem potentially fruitful, I suggest also the following pathway.

1. That all communications with the NRP Challenge Committee by State Delegations and by the Campaign be made public through news / press releases. If they refuse to take the issues then everyone should know it.

2. That the challenges be presented well documented, and made available to the public.

I believe that if the NRP Challenge Committee do not act fairly or expeditiously and timely and are transparent, that the campaign prior to the beginning of the Convention make a press release detailing the accountability issues that the campaign will be willing to undertake against them.

I believe that the NRP Challenge Committee is the one that should be saddled with the problem of clarifying each and every issue with regards to each State's convention delegation viability rights and representational opportunities. These clarifications, if they are issued, should be made public.

Wishing Ron Paul victory at the Convention.