View Full Version : Tampa Delegate Counts

05-10-2012, 07:38 AM
This has delegate totals by state and split by pledged, unbound, caucus and superdelegates.
This count agrees with counts in the Green Papers plus my predictions of what is likely to happen in the future as detailed in the notes.

You might not like the numbers, but a couple of weeks or so back Doug Wead suggested this count is zero to 30 under for Ron Paul and about 80 over for Romney, but there is no breakdown of this or any other evidence and I do not have specifics on what Doug included or excluded at that time.
I know this count overstates Romney's numbers, but by how much and where I have no idea. It might be very little, it might be quite a lot.

This count will be adjusted as State Conventions are held or more info on delegates to State or Congressional District Conventions and any other info become known.
E.G. Kentucky and Virginia Conventions are currently in progress (nothing on my count has been updated yet).

It is now an open secret that "bound" delegates in Tampa can abstain without penalty, so there is no point in hiding that now.

If you think that any of the numbers are factually inaccurate and have evidence, please let me know.
If you have any additional evidence from events as they occur, also please let me know.
I will adjust the count, where I think it is appropriate.