View Full Version : How long will it be before Ron Paul is promoted as anti-Obamney conservative

Paul Or Nothing II
05-01-2012, 08:32 AM
Ok, this is my last attempt to get across the point that I've been trying to make everywhere for ages now

Millions have been blown on attack ads & what not but very little effort has been directed towards tackling Ron's BIGGEST STUMBLING BLOCK - "electability"!
When will we learn that most voters simply won't vote for a candidate that's not "electable"? When are we going to bring out the fact that Ron Paul IS the most electable candidate due to his appeal across the political spectrum & that he's the ONLY Republican who CAN beat Obama?

We ALREADY were the ONLY "anti-Romney conservative" in VA & what happened??? ROMNEY WON 60-40!!!

Why is it so hard for most Paul-supporters to "get" it that Paul ain't getting anywhere until his "electability" against Obama keeps getting questioned!

Do you think Romney-voters vote for him because they think he's so great or his positions are great & they think he has integrity? NO! Most of them vote for him because they THINK he's the "most electable" & "can beat Obama"! So you can attack Romney all you want, Paul won't win until people are made to realize that Paul CAN beat Obama & has better chance to beat Obama than Romney

Most of the "Romney-vote" is NOT necessarily "Romney-vote" as such but ANTI-OBAMA-VOTE! Just as much the "Santorum-vote" was mostly anti-OBAMNEY-vote! People don't always get their perfect candidate so they choose the "lesser of the two evils" & that's that!

So if we want to beat Romney then we MUST establish that Ron Paul is MORE ELECTABLE, MORE ANTI-OBAMA than Romney; why Paul is the ONLY Repub that CAN beat Obama, due to Paul's appeal across the political spectrum along with Independents & Democrats, he'll snatch away more Independents & Democrats from Obama, due to his foreign policy & civil liberties stances, than ANY other Republican

05-01-2012, 06:46 PM
So, Newt is supposedly "officially" dropping out tomorrow, and Santorum is meeting with Romney on Friday (I think reported as of today), and we are almost a month since Santorum dropped out.
Since then, the official campaign's strategy and wise use of money has been to announce they are running an attack ad in Texas, that still features Newt and Santorum in it?

I understand the delegate strategy, but I also understand the delegate strategy will not matter if the GOP changes their own rules...and the general population dumb masses that only know what they do from tv/radio, think the battle is officially between Romney and President Obama.
It would not matter if RP walked into the Tampa convention with 2000 delegates, the GOP will crown Romney the nominee (they already have in word and actions), and ignore whatever results from a delegate vote are.

So, the grassroots can continue to try and make internet videos, which will mainly be seen by Ron Paul supporters...and/or we can actually hope the campaign has something planned when Newt drops out tomorrow...

Sadly, I don't expect anything from the official campaign at this point. They are simply asking for money, to run outdated attack ads...in one of the worst decisions I have ever seen from a political campaign. Running an attack ad, that is irrelevant to 2/3 of the opponents in it...is a complete waste of money.
You know, I think we all as RP supporters hate government waste and stupid spending, but when some of us point out the official campaign has failed on multiple fronts...that should have been easily solved/remedied, we are usually told we have no idea what we are talking about, or called "Monday morning QBs", even though some of the advice/strategies we have been calling for, we have been doing so for months...not in a reactionary way.

I'm really at a loss for what we can do here, the campaign is the one with fundraising abilities and millions already raised/spent...but they ignore things holding voters back, and potentially new voters/donors that were supporting Santorum and Newt (not to mention Cain, Bachmann, Perry, and others along the way).