View Full Version : suggestions and heads up for the Ron Paul/Krugman debate

04-30-2012, 12:43 PM
Of course it is. And on very short notice. I am certain KRUGMAN knew it was coming much longer. I hope Ron at least has some time to prepare today. He has been doing rallies and probably isn't as up on the latest directions.

I pick Tyler Durden (the zerohedge one, no offense) to prep him.

Kruggy's gonna say that there was a momentary spike in commodity prices last year that the goldbugs frantically pointed to as "proof of coming hyperinflation" but then those prices settled down.

Hopefully RP points out that the Fed's inflation figures exclude energy and food, while using "hedonics" to make all technological advances appear deflationary (i.e. when a new iPhone with more features comes to market at the same price as the previous model, the Fed considers that deflationary), and pointing out that 25% of CPI is "owner's equivalent rent", an unscientific number that has also appeared deflationary due to the bursting of the housing bubble which the Fed itself created.