View Full Version : 18-19th May media blitz idea !!!!!

04-25-2012, 05:03 PM
As we all know Texas is the big event... the one we can win!!!!

To kick this off and to make up for the lack of media coverage I'm throwing out an idea called INTERVIEW A JOURNALIST FOR RON PAUL, 18-19th May.

It will start during the working hours of Friday and really kick into gear on the Saterday from the morning to late afternoon. The idea being we sign wave major media outlets across the country (radio, newspapers TV) and have small teams ready to follow TV vans around and ambush camera shoots, mock interview Journalists as they come out the buildings, chant outside news buildings and sign wave them, even wait outside journalist homes and ask to interview them about the Ron Paul blackout and no coverage of the voter fraud. These interviews can then be posted online. This could also be done together with phone ins, emails, comments on their websites faxes. A 2 day blitz, every media event they have we r there with bullhorns and signs. The only thing is use common sense, if they reporting sentive stuff like a death, then stay away from that.

Also we have a special sign wave for Fox 19 Benn Swann and hell even have one for Maddow to thank them for their coverage.

For me the best way to do this is make it spontaneous, so if you like this idea start commenting on youtube channels and facebook etc and spread the idea, if you don't like this idea then don't worry about it. For me this will be cheap media coverage if you ain't got no Goldman doe.

Even more important then this is voting, donating to RP and being a delegate so only get involved if you have the time.


04-25-2012, 05:04 PM
to get inspiration youtube haniity gets snowballed ;)