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Last Bastion
04-20-2012, 04:00 AM
So if an excellent Alaskan, down on her luck, were to possess the time, energy and devotion to battle through the caucus process for the candidate she believes is best for her country; but lacked the monetary means to grease the old guard blocking the gate, she would be denied the democratic process as outlined by the Alaskan Republican Party? And furthermore, should the campaign this woman supports attempt to reciprocate that support by footing the bill, such attempts are blocked by the rules?! Can they not detect the fallacy there? With the precedent already set by other States, Ruedrich and his gang might have seen fit to accommodate a change in the rules for the sake of democracy, one would imagine.

I've watched video footage of Randy Ruedrich and I in no way think he means to do harm. He has indeed been grinding the GOP sword since Ronald Reagan was an upstart in the party and I'm certain he feels he is leading a noble charge. But he has the sting of defeat in his mouth, and he cares more about winning than he does democracy or fairness. The quashing of even a single vote indicates the suppression of democracy. Randy has had a good long go of it - probably even done some admirable things along the way - but I hope he comes to realize the "scolding" by Paul's lawyer is not a condemnation of the Paul campaign or a sign of the evil times, but that Ruedrich and the Alaskan GOP's steadfastness has morphed over the years into closed-mindedness or something uglier; and that it is time for a change of government. Hell, I hope the whole country realizes that soon.

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04-20-2012, 10:14 AM
I like the clustering on the map, but the pop ups need to be configured for the plus and scale point symbols because it's difficult to understand what those points represent. Maybe a map legend could clear things up?