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Thaddeus Kosciuszko
04-17-2012, 08:05 PM
(which is not rational) that the campaign tactic of dumping cans of garbage into the debate, will ultimately result in so much garbage, that the only remaining option, will be to consider ideas.

The media endeavors to marginalize him—to label him as “extreme, non-mainstream, isolationist, fringe” etc. They say his foreign policy is “risky;” however, those who must bear the “risky” actualities of battlefield reality, support Rationality. Old dogs and old tricks—are old—unlike old Generic Generals, our soldiers have learned the meaning and purpose of Article I, §8, cl.10.

I see a bright light—one man’s message is finding its way into the hearts and minds of young People all over the world—evolution beckons—war is not a word

The media is an illusion—one man is reality—most People live in the real world, and that is why Rationality’s ideas are here to stay.

T Kosciuszko

It is priceless—yet free—and ubiquitously—one must open both eyes for complete visibility—turn off your TV to see.