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04-17-2012, 12:37 AM
The Media Bomb

The blackout by the media of Ron Paul is amazing; this however is probably the best thing that could have ever happened to a candidate in a very long time. Considering the amount of coverage, Ron Paul has received in stark contrast to other candidates his polling numbers are incredible. Most notably is the fact that he consistently defeats Obama in the polls.

In the coming months Ron Paul will need money lots of it to maintain the pace, and with a widespread grassroots media movement this will be hard to maintain. Another aspect is search engines which will be crucial to getting this message out.

Overcoming the blackout can be done thru a multi-pronged approach, using the central premise of they won't come to you then you need to go to them.

Lurking a bit I have noticed a well organized approach to maintain a positive counter-output on articles mentioning Ron Paul. What is lacking is a wider spread, in the sense of promoting Ron Paul outside of the small gems here and there provided by the Media. This needs to change in subtle ways and in ways that uses the MSM's own tools to get the message out.

The Media Bomb is a concentrated 72 hour period over which supports of a cause technically take over the MSM blogs and public opinion communication channels. This is low key and a positive take over, and not to be confused with denial of service or a concerted drowning out of other people's opinions thru negative or even positive spam propaganda.

Here are the Basics.

1. Register to 3-4 MSM commenting sections:
2. Concentrate your efforts on the big MSM sites where 90% of the population gets it's news.
3. Familiarize yourself with the topics, and the general attitude people have toward these topics.

Prep work
4. Pick topics you are familiar with and have knowledge of.
5. Track the topics that have the most hits, and comments.
6. Do some research on those topics, and familiarize yourself with where source material regarding issues are.

make friends and have fun
7. Get in the mix mainly to genuinely agree with other posters, when you see posts or comments that resonate with your own values.
8. Provide feedback or source materials to issues being discussed, keep it as neutral as possible.
9. Do not argue or get sucked into any tit for tat argument. Take the high road. you are there to make a positive impression first and foremost.
--- Helpful
--- Friendly
--- Informed
--- Supportive
--- Open Minded

the angle
9. Do not go on these sites promoting or trying to push the Ron Paul message or try to sell it in anyway shape or form.
10. Instead of a hard-sell let others come to their own conclusions of the type of persons Ron Paul supporters actually are. How you represent the cause is crucial.
11. At the bottom of each comment or post you make just add a small non-linked signature "Ron Paul 2012"

12. Exponentially increase the amounts of comments and posts you make on these sites. i.e. go from 10 per day to 200 if possible embed a link back to the Ron Paul Campaign Sites
13. On in 10 posts can include a link to a promo video for Ron Paul, if someone says something just apologize, say you got excited that your candidate was winning, and move on.
14. Intersperse some of your replies with how Ron is winning, surging ahead, and making a difference.
15. Comment on how the other candidates are cookie cutter politicians, and change is available if we all make the right choices Go Ron Paul :)
16. Point out how Ron Paul is the only Republican who actually has a chance against Obama.
17. make sure the above is wrapped up in a response to a topic or other comment. Whenever possible agree with someone and help them to see there are other alternatives available to them.
18. in some case make it a hypothetical, would it not be great if .... and spin it just enough to show the more who support it and go outside of normal convention of doing what the media sells them the more likely their wishes can come true.

For example:
I would just laugh if Ron Paul got the nomination in August. The way things are going it may actually end up pulling it off, with a few more peeps willing to stand by their true choice you never know.

Something similar to the above got 6 likes in under 2 minutes on the Washington Post and just one mild comment on electability, more of an I wish this were possible than a go away type comment.

These are quick in and out hitters, do not dwell on them or get caught into some philosophical discussion, on the merits of one candidate over another. The objective is to get the Ron Paul name out on as many threads and in front of as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

What we need is about 1 - 2 k members to be willing to do this, averaging about 1 million comments, or impressions over a weekend. This can be done once a month. This can be organized with tweeters to tweet the comments as they pop up.

The other side of this is search engines, and what is needed is an exponential growth in websites linking back to the Ron Paul Campaign site. Free websites, blogs, YouTube channels, carrying stories that represent Ron Paul values and or stories. This is where we can capitalize on the crowds gathering at the Ron Paul event. We need to get those who attend those events add a link or Ron Paul 2012 to their online signatures. Spend 10 minutes a day linking back Ron Paul stories on their various internet channels, forums blogs tweets it creates an overwhelming presence. Get a commitment from those attendees to do their part to promote the campaign thru their everyday online activity. Get some to commit to maintain blogs. Get those attendees to go outside of their normal channels to find place where they can put Ron Paulís name and candidacy in front of people who may not be aware they still have a choice. They may not have money to donate, but time spent, and positive word of mouth from run of the mill people is worth a fortune in advertising.

04-20-2012, 12:17 AM

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