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11-15-2007, 01:17 AM
Thanksgiving Flier Project – quick turn around needed

We need a really quick turn around on some graphic work for the Thanksgiving flier project. Prime time for distributing these will START next Sunday or Monday and lead time is needed for offset print runs. We have the potential to contact 90% of the American public this holiday and as best as I can tell, Meetups in all 50 states are anxious to get their hands on these. Time is critical!

There are several projects:

New fliers – we want multiple variations so people can pick which ones they like best.

Please go to: http://ronpaulrecipies.com and pull recipes from the Thanksgiving directory. Of the 3 fliers submitted so far, none have more than 4 recipes, we would like to include as many as possible. There are currently 16 available, most of which are not included in any flier to date. Using a slightly smaller font is OK, in order to get more recipes in there. Finished fliers can be uploaded to the pamphlets directory on the recipes site, or here.

Please use line graphics and avoid photographs and color. In order to reproduce these in mass, they need to be in B&W.

Ideal format is a tri-fold brochure, making 6 pages total - out of a 8 ˝ x 11 double sided sheet.

File size needs to be kept under 1024 KB and the ideal format is pdf.

Be sure to include one of the versions of “recipe to save the country”, included at the bottom of this post. Please include this inside the flier, not on the cover or back. The food recipes are the “bait” to get the shopper to take the flier home.

Do include the disclaimer: “Paid for by Ron Paul Grassroots supporters, not affiliated with the official campaign” and “www.ronpaul2008.com” somewhere in the flier.

Second project – one of the submitted recipe booklets is too big. If someone could put this through distiller and get it down to under 1024 KB, that would be great. The “Recipes for Freedom” line on the cover also needs to be enlarged, and perhaps moved to the top section of the cover.

This flier only looks good in color, it has a number of problems when printed in B&W – if someone is interested in trying to convert it into B&W, please contact me and I'll go over the specific problem areas. The original contributer has not responded in a couple of days, so I presume is too busy.

This flier is too big to upload to the graphics group file area or the recipe site (7,634 KB), please contact me if you can work on it and I'll e-mail it to you.

tangent4ronpaul AT yahoo DOT com

Third project – we have a flier in 2 versions, all pages on one sheet and separate pages. It's in Microsoft word doc format and does not display well for me using openoffice. We need someone to convert this into a pdf as the web site does not accept .doc format files as attachments.

File names:
Thanksgiving BACK-1.doc
Thanksgiving FRONT-1.doc
Thanksgiving Inside Left-1.doc
Thanksgiving Inside Right-1.doc

Recipe to save the country – this makes an excellent letter to the editor or submission to the food section of your local paper too. 2 versions:

Happy Thanksgiving Americans!

As we celebrate and give thanks this holiday, we, the grassroots supporters of the Ron Paul rEVOLution wanted to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you and ask you to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy and the direction our country is going. To this end, we would like to offer you the most important recipe in this booklet:

Recipe to save the country

1 tbsp freedom of speech
a pinch of habeas corpus
2 tsp of freedom from gvmt spying
1 cup of federal fiscal responsibility
a dash of secure borders
4 tbsp of an end to the income tax
2 tbsp of returning our kids from Iraq now
1 tsp of an unregulated Internet
2 cups of Bill of Rights
1 cup of Constitution

Preheat country by voting for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries. Combine ingredients in a large bowl and mix throughly. Add a dash of hope and prayer, to taste. Finally, bake by voting for and electing Dr. Paul in the General election in November 2008.

Serves 300 Million.

Recipe for "Dr. Paul's American Pie"

1 tbsp Free Speech
1 cup of Federal Fiscal Responsibility
1 entire box of "Bring The Boys Back Home" brand Troop Redeployment
a dash of Secure Borders
2 legs of an unregulated, free-ranging Internet
a pinch of Habeas Corpus
10 measures of Bill of Rights
and 1 big, heaping cup of Constitution


Preheat country by voting for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries.

Take a "big 'ol mess" of Income Taxes, separate the personal tax from the corporate tax and discard the personal. (This only works if you remembered to put in the entire box of "Bring The Boys Back Home." - Don't leave any extra laying around anywhere.) Always follow Founding Father's instructions carefully, and read their warning label: "Avoid entangling alliances, allow peaceful commerce with all."

Combine the ingredients in a big melting pot, reducing any extra government waste & pork fat as you go, and mix throughly with a little extra personal research and wisdom. Whatever you do, don't let the T.V. distract you while cooking!

Finally, add a dash of hope and prayer, to taste.

If you need more help or instructions preparing this, just google "Ron Paul" on the Internet, and you'll find lots of useful information.

Simmer patiently until November 4th, 2008, and your wonderfully delicious American Pie will be ready after you and your family cast your vote for Ron Paul for President.. Yes, it does take a while to prepare, but it is worth the wait... Dr. Paul's American Pie recipe is Mmmmm-Mmmm, Good! (And it is good FOR you, too.)

This dish is traditionally enjoyed with a nice warm cup of Liber-Tea, particularly during the TeaParty07.com

Serves 300 Million... With plenty for everyone to get their fair slice of the pie for a change!

Adapted from Dr. Ron Paul's original recipe, submitted here by Bruce Arnold, McDonald County, Missouri.

I realize it may be better suited for the Editorial page than the Recipe section... But everyone please feel free to print it where ever, however and as often as you like! You don't need to credit me: Substitute your own name, address (and primary voter registration deadline and local election date) for best local effect.