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04-14-2012, 02:07 PM
Myself and others have talked about this tactic in the grassroots sections. I felt that it might be better scene by people of the campaign if it was in this section of the forum. I might even make an account on DailyPaul to post it as well.

Ron is mostly under media blackout. He gets mentioned here and there. Frankly, there is a lot of people who, at this moment, thought that Ron Paul is not running anymore or that he has dropped out. We must do something, especially since Santorum's suspension of his campaign. We need to capture as many of Santorum's supporters before they go they go to Romney under the assumption that Romney can beat Obama (which he most likely won't).

The suggestion is that Ron should call a press conference, but don't say what it is for. At the press conference, while Ron has national TV coverage, talk about everything bad about Romney and call Romney out for not accepting more debates. That if he is too chicken to debate 2 "low" tier candidates (was 3 candidates before), then how can he debate Obama?

I'd like to see all the networks have technical difficulties at the same time.

Some pros and cons
-Shows that Ron has bravado and is aggressive. People would see that if Ron can viciously attack Romney, then he can viciously attack Obama.
-Romney might retaliate with attacks of his own, which is fine. We would be seen as a serious contender and we would be on the radar and be a choice for the voters.
-Media love these types of drama, it is good for ratings so they are more likely to broadcast it.
-Gingrich does these types of stunts and he gets a nice boost from it.

-Press might speculate and say that Ron Paul is calling for a press conference because he is dropping out and that might stay and bite us in the butt.
-Ron might seem desperate, like a cat trapped in a corner.

You have to sometimes have to risk a lot to get a big payout. We can't afford to not win any states or at least not be within 10 points of Romney in future primaries. Right now.. it will be a delegate battle between Ron Paul and Romney. Most delegates will be awarded proportionally so we need to get as many support RIGHT NOW. I think it is particularly important we do strong in the upcoming primaries on the 24th. A weak showing would devastate us and Santorum supporters might go home for the rest of the nomination. At the moment we are also running out of money. Campaign is running out of money and the people that usually donate to moneybombs are running low. I think a lot of us are expecting Ron to attack Romney, because he is the only target left. Gingrich has proved himself to be Romney's lackey and I would be legitimately surprised if he became popular again.

Feel free to post any more Pros and Cons or add anything

RPv Goldman Sachs
04-16-2012, 05:35 AM
John Tate needs a lesson in INSPIRATION!