View Full Version : Ideas on groundwork

04-13-2012, 07:32 PM
Im in various sub forums trying to move support for California.

Im going to be doing alot of ground work in my home district and wanted some input on my gameplan to get the word out.

Im going to be handing out brochures and signing up Republican voters at events in the major cities of district 5.
Im planning on getting ahold of the community colleges in the district and seeing if I can set up a table to hand out brochures and sign up voters.

Im also thinking of doing door to door visits (possibley buying a copy of the voter registrants in the county) and leaving Ron Paul fact flyers on car windows at public places (Costco, Target, etc).

Im wondering how difficult it would be to get a massive home made sign and hang the bad boy over the side of one of the main overpass's in Vallejo, CA. Not sure how quick that would get shut down though...

Any input?