View Full Version : Revolution Travel Management Need Your Help to Get RP Delegates to Tampa for the RNC!

Susan Wolfe
04-13-2012, 09:52 AM
We have an inexpensive plan to get delegates to Tampa to vote for Ron Paul at the RNC in August, but the delegates really need your help to make this happen!

We have Ronvoys heading to Tampa, that will arrive on August 24th from all across the nation. Lots of people who take these Ronvoys will be going to Paul Festival 2012 which is taking place in Tampa that weekend (which, by the way, is going to be HUGE!!!).

However, we at RTM feel that it is more important to get the RP delegates to Tampa than ANYTHING else!! We want to help fund their trips to go, and if possible, to even help pay for their hotel rooms while they're there.

If every State coordinator could take up a donation fund specifically to help send delegates to the RNC, Revolution Travel Management pledges to do EVERYTHING we can to get these costs as LOW as possible, for travel & lodging.

Right now, we have Ronvoys from Los Angeles to Tampa that are only $265, roundtrip, and that's the MOST expensive rate! We have Ronvoys departing from or traveling through 60 cities right now, to head to Tampa, and we wanna put Delegates in those Ronvoy seats!

We also have worked out $465 roundtrip, from any station in the nation, via Amtrak! (Keep in mind, it takes longer to get there via train, but seeing the country via train is AWESOME!!)

We have already started having potential delegates register through our site, so that we know how many we are working with, and where they are coming from. But we need ALL of you...donate $5 apiece...SOMETHING...that we can put DIRECTLY toward the cost of funding the delegates' travel & lodging.

Revolution Travel Management is an entirely non-profit, all-volunteer travel & lodging brokerage firm. We are not paid ANYTHING to do this - we do it because we believe in the cause of freedom.

Revolution Travel Management is the same group of people who brought the Ronvoys to DC for the Revolution March in 2008, and who brought hundreds more people to attend the Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis that year.

I thank you so much for your time. Please contact me with any questions, or visit http://ronvoy2012.eventbrite.com for more information about the Ronvoys.

And if you are a potential or confirmed RP delegate, REGISTER on the Ronvoy site!! We want to help you get to Tampa and vote for freedom!

Thank you!

04-13-2012, 06:51 PM
Not to be negative here--but I agree with someone else on this forum that the festival should have its name changed not to reflect Dr. Paul, but rather the message of Liberty.

Even as a supporter of Dr. Paul--the name just feels a little uncomfortable.

But I know that y'all will pull together a great event. Best wishes!

Susan Wolfe
04-13-2012, 10:39 PM
See, one major problem that I, personally, have is...there is already a Liberty Festival - several of my great friends, including Gigi Bowman, Ian Cioffi, and Danny Panzella host the Liberty Fest every year. I would not want to hijack that name for any reason. :)

The message of Liberty is one that will be carried throughout the festival, definitely! This event is specifically in support of Dr. Paul for president. We don't consider this a done deal, as far as the presidency is concerned, and we think holding this event in Tampa the weekend before the RNC will have a great impact on delegate vote counts.

Of course, the dream is always "If the world could just see how many Ron Paul supporters there are, then...", and in this case, once more, that is what we are hoping for. But we are presenting a talent line-up that will be so wonderful, MANY attendees to Paul Festival (perhaps many who have no idea who he is even) will have the opportunity to be introduced to HIM, as well as introduced to the idea of Liberty.

Dr. Paul's 77th birthday is that week. And what will likely be his last GOP convention begins the day after. It is a music and activist tribute to Ron Paul and his message of Liberty. Paul Festival it is. :)