View Full Version : We need to challenge the Romney "electability" myth, these polls help !

04-12-2012, 11:28 PM

"In a hypothetical Election 2012 matchup, President Obama and Mitt Romney are tied at 45 percent,"
"Texas Congressman Ron Paul holds a one-point edge over the president, 44 percent to 43 percent,"

Dr.Paul is 2nd nationally in a Fox News poll, though the gap is big between him and Romney.

Romney 46%
Paul 16%
Santorum 15%
Gingrich 13%

NOW is the time to challenge the Romney "electability" myth - show all the data from polls showing Paul doing better than Romney or at least as good as him against Obama.
Focus on swing states where Romney is behind Obama - recent poll of Mass. shows Obama 51, Romney 44.


50% people have unfavorable view of Romney
And that view is going to get worse, once the Obama attacks begin.

Attack Romney now,get some attention. There is no time to waste.
And show that on policies Romney would be just as bad as Obama.

04-12-2012, 11:33 PM
I agree.

And you mark my words, all of these modern-day ecumenists are going to be urging evangelicals to vote for the Mormon...and they will convince many.

I am still in the fight to convince Christian people of conviction to support the Baptist pro-life OBGYN from Texas.

04-13-2012, 06:56 AM
The older voters in Fla. need to hear something from Ron Paul that deals with the ageing population in the USA. Many are starting to swing his way but still need some real facts and solid info on his Immediate plans to concentrate on this country and what it will mean for them. We will never win without major support of all ages. Those who run companies all over the USA need to know what he is going to do that will benifit them as well as those who work. The 'Message' is out. Now we need to know the plans and who we will have on the hill spending our money !!! Michel Bachman came awful close to endorseing Ron Paul yesterday.