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04-11-2012, 11:39 PM
The Great Economic Restructuring of 2012

> Five major countries consisting of over 50% of the world's economy are in the process of ending the Federal Reserve Note as the world's reserve currency. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa make up a global agency known as 'BRICS'.
> BRICS has created a new global financial system, backed by a basket of commodities which will be used to replace the Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the IMF. Over 130 other 'non-aligned' nations have agreed to join this system and abandon the United States Dollar as the world's reserve currency. This new global financial system quietly opened for business on April 2, 2012 and will only add to the decline of the U.S. Dollar and the Euro, as well as any other countries still attached to them.
> Now that these facts are laid out, I can now provide my commentary on the subject....
It seems to me that the return to Constitutional Law, or Common Law, is a growing movement in the United States and around the world. People worldwide are revolting against the current power structures and real change is occurring in 2012. I have also caught wind of stories that hundreds of bankers and CEOs of large corporations have been resigning, retiring or are being arrested around the globe. This trend is set to continue and expand, if what I'm seeing and hearing is correct.
> I can only think of one rational outcome to all this chaos and economic turnabout... Ron Paul 2012!! That's right, only Ron Paul has the platform to carry out this major transition to a Constitutional agenda with sound money. As monetary trust in the U.S. Dollar rapidly declines and the American Spring takes off as it is set to do in 2012, only a President Paul will continue to resonate the same values as the unsettled masses. As of this date in April, he is filling stadiums to the tune of 8,000+, and those numbers keep growing steadily. And although the media reports him to be doing poorly in the race, ground reports of delegate counts appear to have Ron Paul doing quite well, with the prospect of a brokered GOP convention very likely. He has the largest grassroots campaign support, by far, and is in a very good position to actually end up with the Republican nomination. As a matter of fact, one of his rivals, Rick Santorum, just announced on April 10th that he is suspending his campaign.
> So is it more than just a coincidence that the U.S. led financial system is collapsing at the same time the rest of the world is creating a new one? Only one presidential candidate is even acknowledging any of this as reality. Around the globe, countries are returning to the roots of freedom found in Common Law, and only Ron Paul is in tune with this movement. By bringing our troops home from all over the planet and letting countries govern themselves again, his foreign policy would allow the world to restore Common Law as well.
> Dr. Paul's organization also appears to be setting up a permanent network across the country, as if they know already that it’s his turn to take office and fix the mess we’re all in. Personally, I cannot wait to see liberty restored in the U.S. and abroad. Maybe the Mayans and others were on to something with the whole 'End of 2012' prophesies, and this return to Common Law is actually what it's really about. If they say the world as we know it is going to change, it stands to reason that this is how it could rationally play out. Speculation? Sure, but it’s gotta make ya wonder how much Ron Paul really knows...