View Full Version : Money Bomb Server & RonPaulCountry.com going down. S.O.S.

04-10-2012, 02:49 PM

Hey guys, I just got this email from D.A.S.,

"Hey Jack,

Do you have the money to renew our lease on Softlayer server? With your $30, I paid out the last money we had in RonPaulCountry account to renew the Mailchimp until May 1. But now we have to worry about $159 that is due on April 15. If we don't have money, let me know also, so I can contact Softlayer and arrange for decommissioning of our lease as of April 15.


So basically the InToWin2012.com, NoOneButPaul.com and RonPaulCountry.com websites are going down this Sunday unless we can get some help, here is a chipin if you have a few bucks you could throw our way to help out. We're both in a tough bind financial right now so won't be able to keep the server up after the 15th (which we may need for the next money bomb) unless we can get some help.