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11-14-2007, 07:32 PM
Fellow Paulites,

The Thanksgiving holiday will soon be upon us, which means an excellent opportunity to educate our family and in-laws in person. In my case, my immediate family have all registered Republican so they can vote for Paul. However, my wife's parents and relatives are largely on the fence. I suggest we all spend time thinking of how we'll pitch the good doctor to our family. So far, I've found the most convincing argument to be Paul being the only candidate that can beat Hilliary. It's amazing how receptive people are to this comment (IMO, it's in line with the mentality many have of wanting to pick a winner).

Just think of how many votes we can garner if we each convert a single family member over turkey!

11-14-2007, 07:34 PM
Agreed. Had the same thought. Use the holidays to spread the word.

11-14-2007, 08:57 PM
Most of us will be having Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Politics is usually taboo, so be polite and respectful. Don't argue. You don't win votes by arguing. You entrench people in their positions by arguing.

So here's my plan:

1. Choose slimjims that will appeal to each person. If they're a gun-person, give them a gun slimjim. If they're church-going Christian, print out Dr. Paul's statement of faith. Choose Republican or Democrat slimjim depending on your audience. Give them the slimjim after dinner and DON'T ARGUE.

2. Rules for persuasion:
a. be nice, polite, don't argue.
b. Fill their need (listen to what they want, then empathize). Don't give facts.
c. Recommend the candidate, and ask for their vote/support.
d. Say things that the person wants to hear (they're probably not involved in politics, don't care much about issues that you do [the Constitution, gold standard, NWO, ect.]. In other words, assume they're just an average Joe and don't know or care anything about politics. Speak in generalities, then tailor your message once you know how they stand. Ask what the 3 most important issues are to them individually, and address their need.

3. Subjects likely to come up
a. Oil/gas prices - talk about some economists think Oil would be $20 cheaper per barrel if we hadn't been in this mess in Iraq. Only one credible and consistent candidate who thinks its time to bring the troops home.
b. Healtcare - Dr. Paul is the only Doctor running, either Republican or Democrat.

Potential attacks:
1. "Ron Paul is crazy" - AGREE WITH THE PERSON! "Yes, he's a nut. Anyone who would opt out of lucrative Congressional Pension plan has got to be crazy. If I were in Congress, I would have taken advantage of the taxpayer and got the Congressional Pension. And Dr. Paul has never taken a taxpayer-paid congressional junket. His wife must think he's crazy too, and kick him, for not taking advantage of this like other members of congress do."

2. "___ is the most conservative candidate. " Yes, ____ is a conservative candidate, and I'm glad he's in the race. I'm just really glad that Dr. Paul never voted for pabortion funding[. Didn't _____ vote for [abortion funding] one time. This is where you need to know your facts about the other candidates.

3. "_____ has the only chance of winning." - Ron Paul is trading at 9% on intrade, a prediction market, and has better odds of winning than Fred Thompson and John McCain according to Vegas oddsmakers. And he is going up in the polls dramatically and the other candidates are going down. Plus, he raised a record $4.3 million in 24 hours. That's $3000 per minute.

4. "Ron Paul wants to desert our troops." Do you honestly think that a man who served his country in the Air Force, treated injured soldiers fighting for our country and freedoms in Congress for 30 years really wants to desert our troops? Ron Paul loves his military brothers, and is working to save their lives. He has also received more donations from the military than any other candidate

5. "Ron Paul blamed us for 9-11"
a. What Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida did was evil and reprehensible and they are totally responsible. They should be caught and punished to the full extent of the law.
b. Ron Paul believes 100% in a strong national defense
c. Ron Paul also believes we can better defend our country by securing our borders here than securing Iraq's borders.

Things to avoid talking about (generally) - 9/11 truth, NWO, bilderburgers, gold standard,

Things to suggest if they're traditional Republican
1. Consistent Record
2. Traditional Republican Foreign Policy ( no nation building, no policing the world, running on the foreign policy that GWB had when he won the Presidency.)
3. Fiscal Conservative
4. Pro-life

Things to suggest if they're Democrat/Independent
1. Only candidate to bring the troops home (Hillary and Dems want to keep troops in Iraq indefinitely); good judgment to vote against Iraq War
2. Statements to differentiate Dr. Paul from Bush
3. Strong on Health Care, education, Habeus Corpus, 1st amendment

Even better yet, bring your laptop and show them one of these videos:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG2PUZoukfA "A New Hope"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peBGJwE9NXo - Reagan Debate clips

If they like Dr. Paul, tell them about Dec. 16 and ask them to donate $10 or $20 or more today or on Dec. 16. Get their email address and follow up! And ask for their vote!