View Full Version : RON PAUL EVERYBODY! [Ron Paul the new verb!]

04-08-2012, 08:50 AM
I read a thread about a Ron Paul rally with music.

I looked up a couple of musicians video's that are going to play. Low and Behold I heard a lady sing out, "RON PAUL EVERYBODY!". At least that is the way I heard it.

It sounded to me like Ron Paul was the new verb!

Imagine a Summer of rallies to, "RON PAUL EVERYBODY!"

Imagine a money bomb to, "RON PAUL EVERYBODY!".

Skip ahead and see if you to can hear it at 7:13.


Here is a link to the Ron Paul is heading to Philly thread;



The Summer of 2012

(Have you been RON PAUL'D yet?)

(Have you been RON PAUL'D yet?)