View Full Version : North Carolina Voting Soon! Key Swing state for GOP. Need supplies desperately!

04-06-2012, 08:34 AM
My name is Sammy Dodd. I am 31 from New Bern NC. I am head of the grassroots liberty movement in my area, and also an organizer of the delegation from NC. Our primary is coming up on May 8th, but early voting begins in the next couple weeks. We are desperate for all the signs, and literature we can get! If your state has held a primary or caucus already, and have any left overs we sure could use them down here. I can distribute the materials amongst our regional leaders, so that we will have the whole state peppered in signs and materials. It is crucial we cover the polling places as well. North Carolina is a huge swing state in this years election. So far we are leaning GOP, but Obama is working us hard! We need all we can get to fight him back. Hit me up with a pm if you have anything. It would be greatly appreciated, we will pass on our leftovers once we have finished our primary.

In Liberty,
Sammy J Dodd