View Full Version : Promote a Stump Event for 25,000++ PEOPLE

03-31-2012, 11:25 AM
I'm thinking a summer "benefit" concert with a speech by Ron in a major Metro area like NYC, SF, or DC; maybe even a Liberty Concert Series in a couple major cities. Minimum 3 weeks of notice. Ticket sales for VIP access to Ron for signatures, Q/A, and photo ops.

Some guest performances by celebrity endorsers like rappers: Prodigy, KRS One, Wale, Speech, & Snoop, comedians Norm MacDonald & Doug Stanhope, musicians Jonathan Davis of Korn, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, John Popper of Blues Traveler, Philip Labonte of All That Remains, Kelly Clarkson, etc.

Maybe some libertarian speeches. Get some of his endorsees that are in Congress, Senate etc (Mike Doherty, Tom Davis, etc.) to stand behind him when he speaks. Have Adam Kokesh and Alex Jones there as masters of ceremony.

Professionally promoted by concert event promoters. Radio ads, full page ads in local papers. Glossy flyers at all the universities and handed out on the streets. Keep it all volunteer, a low budget as possible, free to most. See if we can get Theil to throw down again for the event or promote a $$$ Bomb just for the event.

Keep it on a Saturday or holiday (non work day) so it could be a day long event, maybe even a two day festival type event. Fourth of July 2012? Maybe at a fairgrounds or camp ground.

Shoot for 100,000! Absolute blockbuster event. Something so big, with so many in attendance... so many big names present... the MSM cannot deny its presence!


03-31-2012, 03:46 PM
What's the cheapest major city to fly to? What major city offers the cheapest lodging? Those are important questions to consider for an event like this.

Denver is centrally located for the entire country.

05-12-2012, 08:10 PM
Viva Las Vegas!

05-13-2012, 04:44 PM
Maybe make it the centre piece of the California campaign? San Franciso? Flower in your hair as a big thing.

If it was a few days before the Primary it would be fresh.

It would also put California in play for a Third party anti-war run...