View Full Version : Please prepare for independent or third party run

03-30-2012, 03:25 PM
The GOP is stealing primaries and they've now read the Riot Act to Ron Paul supporters by saying that only candidates who have won a plurality of delegates in at least five states will be allowed at the convention. If they seriously think that Ron Paul does not matter and his support base is miniscule, they should not go crazy if Dr. Paul runs as an independent or third party candidate. Dr. Paul running as an independent or third party candidate will instill fear in them in future when they want to oppose a liberty-minded candidate. It is important that Dr. Paul runs either as an independent or as a third party candidate.

Remember that the GOP opposed Tea Party candidates who won the primaries. We need to reciprocate and there is no need for the Tea Party to support the GOP. Otherwise the Tea Party will be in an abused relationship with the GOP.