View Full Version : How did you "wake up" to the truth about the economy?

The Freethinker
03-29-2012, 09:01 AM
For me it was 2009. A friend of mine was kind enough to talk to me a lot about Obama, the Fed, gold, and silver. That's when he began to explain to me bit by bit and I began to research myself. It was a gradual awakening. Within months I began to buy PMs. As time passed I kept reading. I'm still very new to Austrian Economics but now I get the basics of how the Federal Reserve is a scam and how it causes inflation by printing money, and I knew we'd have higher PM prices in early Nov 2010 following the announcement of QE2.

(He also introduced me to the 2nd Amendment, and thanks to his advice and suggestions, I decided to exercise my constitutional right to bear lethal tipped metallic projectile-releasing devices.)

He said a while back I'm one of three friends he tried to introduce to Austrian economics. Only one listened - me.

03-29-2012, 09:14 AM
I knew when I got my first paycheck in 1980 and saw the amount taken from in in payroll taxes that government was a thief, and my views have become more refined since then.

I've know about Austria economics since the early 2000's, and I started learning much more during the last Ron Paul campaign, including more about the FED.

Currently I'm reading information from David Wilcock and the website divinecosmos.com (warning, he might try to sell you a book or video).

There is lot's of good free information there and while I am not believing everything I read he does link up lots of information, including very very recent geopolitical and global economic news, in what to me a very coherent structure.

I've also downloaded his book Financial Tyranny and plan to read it.

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