View Full Version : Getting more Independents to Register Republican

03-28-2012, 10:01 PM
I have recently registered Republican as a buddy of mine Explained how we can Win this election and clean up the GOP by working withing the Party. However, I would like to discuss how we can explain the Ron Paul Revolution more easily to Independent, Unaffiliated, Libertarian, and even some Democrat voters, who dont understand the importance of Registering Republican if they support Ron Paul and the message of Liberty and Personal Freedom.

I was thinking if we can have a youtube video that shows how Registering Republican even if you live in a Open-Primary or Caucus state would benefit Dr. Paul at the local and state level.

I like to describe it as pirates taking over a vessel, it is impossible to take over the ship if we are swimming in the ocean. The ship is the Republican party and as revolutionaries we are like Pirates jumping aboard the ship and taking over the GOP and its crew and captain as we Register Republican. we make Dr. Paul our Captain and he sters the ship towards Peace, Freedom and Prosperity...he is also for a modernized Gold Standard and Sound Money so i like to joke and say, he is leading us to the buried Treasure :D

any thought on how we can visually explain this Revolution Process to those who dont know about it or quite understand it?