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03-25-2012, 08:04 PM
Hi All,

I have a tea party meeting in a two weeks. Many, if not most of the members are the social conservative type of tea partier who like Santorum.

I'd love to have a flyer asking "Who is the Real Conservative?" comparing Paul and Santorum.

I've looked some, but not exhaustively, as I'm not a frequent user here but haven't turned up something with just those two candidates.

Would appreciate if someone can point or create some. Graphics is not my strong suit, and I'm busy trying to organize my Congressional District.

Steve Wiseburn
Chair, 66th Assembly District for Ron Paul.
Los Angeles County Ron Paul 2012

03-27-2012, 04:16 PM
I regularly think of two snippets that are particularly damning of Santorum, wondering why no one jumped on them.

The first is trickier to play because Ron Paul has his OWN earmark history, the difference being that Ron Paul can EXPLAIN what he did and why. By contrast, Santorum said, I quote, "EVERYONE WAS DOING IT AT THE TIME." There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING conservative about going along with the crowd. On the contrary, it speaks to ideological malleability and moral flexibility.

The second occurred in one of the debates, when Santorum said of his YAY vote on the Medicare Part D / Prescription Drug lollapalooza, "The only thing we did wrong with that was that we didn't pay for it." It cannot have escaped notice that the pesky and abiding problem with ALL socialistic "good ideas" is that Wishful Thinkers and Panderers don't PAY for the perks they peddle.