View Full Version : National Sovereignty: National Policy: Native American relations

03-24-2012, 02:03 AM
Something Im very curious about is Ron Paul's position on Native American relations...

Does anyone have any general info?

A few key subjects:

- Native American tribal soverignty
- Can the US forcibly relocate tribes if energy resources are discovered?
- Solutions to poverty and its others on reservations
- Whats the relationship / delineation between federal and state jurisdiction concerning native Americans?

The Other Andy
04-16-2012, 09:38 AM
I'll give this a shot, though I'm by no means an expert.

As the whole libertarian ideal is based on letting people live their lives the way they wish with minimal government interference, I doubt there'd be any problem with tribes continuing independently on their reservations. In fact, they'd probably have more freedom to run the reservations as they wish. The only issue there may be would be with casinos. That's a local issue and wouldn't likely change with Paul as president. Tribes wouldn't, as I understand it, have the ability to monopolize the markets that they do now in a true libertarian society.

That would really be the only real sticking point that I can see. No, the US likely wouldn't be able to forcibly relocate them. I see that falling under the whole "eminent domain" thing, and as New Hampshire has decided (the best example of libertarianism I know of), that can't be used in order to make way for commercial interests.

The poverty issue is something that the tribes would have to solve. It's not our job to make sure they live an upper-middle class life, as long as they have the freedom to make the decisions necessary to do so.

That's the best I can do. Like I said, I'm no expert on Paul, libertarianism, or tribal relations. All I really know is that the Menominee tribe wouldn't let me have their awesome license plates. Jerks:p