View Full Version : Yahoo!: Ron Paul Topped by Also-Ran Fred Karger in Puerto Rico Primary

03-19-2012, 04:54 PM
But Paul's loss to Karger signals a new low for the Texas congressman.
Though Paul has been much more visible on the national stage and has received significantly more support in previous contests than Karger has, the gay rights advocate and former consultant to Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Gerald Ford made a big push in Puerto Rico's primary, campaigning there in person, circulating sound trucks, and even running a Spanish-language television ad in the territory.
Despite a loyal and enthusiastic following, Paul has yet to place first in any presidential primary or caucus, after staking his success on presidential caucuses.
Paul continues to argue that he and his delegates will play a role at the convention. And he'll have time to prepare: His campaign schedule as of late has been light. He held just two in-person events last week—one in Illinois and one in Missouri.