View Full Version : How to win over Liberals, Progressives and Independents

03-18-2012, 11:29 PM
I just posted a thread similar to this, but I think this will be more direct..
If Ron takes notice of this, he will win over most of us, as very few actually want to vote for Obama, but feel obligated to do so, given the choices..

Main Issues Progressives, Independents and Libs have with Ron Paul:
(coming from someone who is a progressive and spends alot of time around such people).

-We don't want you to remove the Department of Education, We don't believe leaving Education to the states is a good idea in the slightest.
-We want universal healthcare and better social programs, eliminating them is the exact opposite.
-We aren't overly convinced that the Gold standard won't worsen the situation
-De-regulating corporations and removing all taxes from them is a nightmare waiting to happen

What progressives, independents and libs want:
-We want the department of Education greatly improved
-We want the insurance companies out of the healthcare system
-We don't currently have a consensus on monetory policy, but want other viable options
-We want the corporations, banks and wallstreet to PAY and to be stopped from destroying our environment and screwing us over, even more.
-We don't mind paying taxes, we just want fair taxes for all, and for the money to improve and benefit the country
-We don't trust companies and the general populous enough to have all of our systems, foods and society regulate themselves.
-We want you to publicize that you are willing to compromise and consider these.

and as an added bonus: (more on this would sway a few over)
-We like your foreign policy
-We like your military spending cuts
-We like that you would remove the patriot act, NDAA etc etc
-We like your change of regulation on airport security
-We like your idea of removing the Federal reserve
-We like that you are consistent
-We like that you appear honest and have integrity (but currently overshadowed by ideas that you're bat-sh*t crazy)
(Other libs and progs saying that, not me).

If Ron paul can take notice of atleast some of these, He'd win against Obama in a LANDSLIDE.
Like I said, many people in my side really don't want to vote for Obama and we all desperately want an alternative that isn't Romney, Gingrich or Santorum.