View Full Version : Beat them at their own game

03-17-2012, 11:55 PM
I believe that Ron Paul can improve his message by drawing on the debate strengths/weakness of his opponents.
For example, to explain and reinforce his message to abolish or greatly diminish the power of the FED, he can adopt a historian like style of presentation (like Gingrich) and explain how the FED dubiously came into power in 1913. He could explain and reinforce his message of liberty by historically contrasting current economic and political events today with the experience of pre American Revolutionary citizens facing tyranny, disinformation, and deception.
He can explain and reinforce his message of his electability by refining the Madison Avenue advertising like style of presentation (like Romney) and 'sell' his management expertise by telling about his ambitions and successes representing his district.
He can clarify his message about the federal government superceding states rights, and personal liberties being given to us by the creator, and rally support from the social conservative base by presenting his message with religious overtones (like Santorum).

05-14-2012, 11:07 PM
Hello Friends !!!!
The market right now is a little frustrating. The "analysts" said silver was going to bust a few days before it happened. So I guess it looks like they aren't always wrong.
So, why did silver collapse? Was it the margin hikes, or everyone listening to the analysts or what? I feel like Friday's gains are part of a dead cat bounce that will be further enhanced by Monday's margin hike.

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