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03-15-2012, 09:15 PM
What is Ron Paul's stance on SSI? For people that do not know what SSI is, it is Social Security income for people with disabilities. How does Ron Paul feel about this program? Until my brain heals and other mental/physical health symptoms improve, it is very difficult to live a normal life, let alone work. I am not completely for the program that is now SSI, for one, we are limited to Medicaid, and that is far from the best care. If Ron Paul is against it or wants to cut it in anyway, what would he do for people like me who don't have the choice at the moment but are all for working and being responsible for one's own money? He is extremely wise, I know one way or another he would find other ways to help if nothing else. I am currently attending college, and although that's a struggle with my disabilities, I hope by the time I graduate my body will have had time to recuperate and I honestly can't wait to be an elementary teacher. Just didn't know how he felt about Social Security Income when it comes to people with disabilities?

03-15-2012, 11:03 PM
Here is my reply. Ron is VERY much for keeping domestic programs that people have become dependent on. He also knows that the US is near bankruptcy, and, as in Greece, it will be VERY difficult to keep these programs operational. In order to accomplish this, he wants to cut one trillion dollars from the Federal government in his first year, and five departments. He wants to curtail mostly ALL overseas aid, and spending. He does not think the federal government should provide troughs for people to feed from (thus taking money from others who are working) but that states should provide for the indigent, or disabled only within their state. Therefore, although all people over a certain age will have their SS and SSI continued, he wants to allow younger people to opt out of the system and stop paying into it, thus providing for themselves another way for their retirement planning. No programs will be ended for those who already are dependent upon them. This is a brief answer, but I also hope you will look at his website and his speeches on his subject. Thanks for asking, too. :)