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03-13-2012, 11:54 PM
What I'm thinking about is basically a Ron Paul index -- somewhere to keep a list of live links, sortable by type/date/other, that would be helpful for any Ron Paul supporter to click on.

The most obvious need for this is for helping to direct our traffic to online votes for Ron Paul. Our overwhelming vote numbers online come as a great frustration to many in the mainstream media, as we see regularly. However, we could do even better if our movement understood there was a one-stop-shop for finding online votes for Dr. Paul. Recently, we have not been doing as well in online polls.

Another use of such a site would be to help increase the page "hits" to Paul-friendly material. For example, Youtube is filled with Paul-friendly videos, but many do not have a lot of views. As a result, it is less likely to show up in a search. Simply clicking on a link to a youtube video increases the video views and will make our Paul-friendly videos more likely to come up in searches to be seen by those who might have been looking for something unrelated.

The two big sites that I'm aware of, ronpaulflix and dailypaul are basically the antithesis of what I am describing because a lot of material submitted to them is lost in the shuffle and never noticed by anyone. This is essentially Ron Paul material existing in competition with other Ron Paul material, when we should be trying to promote anything that advances the cause of liberty.

There is probably an understandable reason why such a page doesn't yet exist-- it's a monumental undertaking. For this to work effectively, I believe many mods would have to be involved to review proposed links to make sure the link is actually helpful to the campaign and/or conforms to whatever standards have been set.

Maybe it could be "RonPaulClix..."

03-14-2012, 12:30 PM
If anyone would like to lead the charge on this, I'd be happy to volunteer my time as a moderator going through and helping to make sure submitted content is pro-liberty.

The biggest question, in my mind, is whether anyone can develop a system that helps eliminate repeat content. Maybe just establish a system where people can flag it and link to the originally posted content?