View Full Version : Local talk Radio shows

03-08-2012, 07:49 AM
Identify Ron Paul friendly talk show hosts. For example: Brian Thomas 55KRC.
Have Ron Paul call in! Talk for 5 minutes. Total cost $0. People listen while driving to work or coming home or at the office.
Don't worry about Beck, Hannity or Rush. Go for the small local shows.
After you call in, then listeners call in to discuss and you get 30 minutes of FREE advertising!

Ron could have done an interview with Ben Swan! Romney did it. Ron Paul does more interviews on CNN / ABC, but guess what? Many republicans DON'T watch those stations because we think they are BIASED LIBERALS! Remember how those same stations supported Obama?
And when Ron does do these interviews, he is attacked. Lame that's like asking for negative ads.

How about doing a townhall at a nursing home! Just something off the wall. Maybe that will bring on the older voters.