View Full Version : Youth make up 12% of population, you can't win without the older group

03-08-2012, 06:56 AM
So you get 4000 people at a rally. 75% are under 30. How many actually vote?
From the data posted elsewhere the voter turnout total is pathetic and only 2-4% of the population.
Since the youth makeup 10% of the population, it seems they are NOT voting!
Here in Ohio, talk radio and local broadcast news is what people listen to. Not ONE ad for Ron Paul. For days, I heard Newt, Santorum, Romney over and over. NOTHING from Ron Paul. No wonder he placed 4th in Ohio or dead last. They are only running internet ads, it's not working!

Older people vote by absentee ballot. They read newspapers, listen to talk radio, watch the 9 oclock news. LOCAL ads! They DO NOT search the interenet for everything like the youth.