View Full Version : KONY2012? Ron Paul 2012

03-07-2012, 09:49 PM
Look. At least 50 of my facebook friends have been posting this "KONY2012" video. They all seem to be so moved by it and eager to become involved. I'm not here to put that cause down because I think it is a great cause; however, a BIG reason why people became so moved and involved with Kony 2012 and the Uganda cause was simply because of the video. The video was EXCELLENT - GREAT quality and very touching. If there is ANYONE with such video skills that could make a Ron Paul video comparable to that (maybe a story by a soldier, etc), that could be enough for everyone who is not involved to become involved. It happened with Kony, and we can make it happen with this country and Ron Paul. I've never seen some of my friends on facebook post a status and all of a sudden, because of this video, they are political activists for this cause. We need to have a great video for Ron Paul.