View Full Version : Fear or Desire? Getting attention for RP

03-07-2012, 11:31 AM
As much as I hate to say it the answer is "FEAR" or "DESIRE"!

I have sat back and watched all candidates with an objective eye. I just read this a.m., many threads on various websites arguing how Ron Paul had already lost! Which in fact is sooo far from the truth it is surreal! You see many don't understand that Ron Paul has WON already! He is accomplishing what he set out to do and that is to awaken this country to it's constitutional principals! Just last night as I watched the speeches from the other candidates they all seemed to champion the word "LIBERTY", which in the beginning was a word only used by Ron Paul! The other candidates have taken note of Ron Paul's zealous, never waivering, endless energetic supporters and are trying endlessly to comprise even a small percentage of a base of similar nature! Obama won based on the very same type of support and without it there will most definately be a brokered convention that scares everyone but Ron Paul!

So, how do we move forward and continue with our momentum so that Ron Paul will can continue to deliver his message that will change America?

FEAR, and DESIRE are two actions that inspire people to act! Imagine watching the news only to get a snippet of a commercial that began a topic "Stay tuned for information on The War with Iran"! People would stay glued to their television sets waiting to see what they were going to say. Imagine if you saw a commercial saying "We will soon be announcing the new tax rate that just passed the house, it's a shocker folks"! Again, people would stay glued to their television sets waiting to see how? That is exactly how the MSM attracts your attention to stay tuned for the whole broadcast and that is exactly how they get a person's level of desire to increase!

Let's say the average monthly salary is $5000 and the government is taking their 30%, that is $1500 a month. Imagine if Ron Paul ask americans in a 5 second message, Where would you spend an extra $1500 a month, if you didn't have to pay taxes? With a strong visual message directing them to either watch in the mail for a flyer or directing them to a website for further explanation! Imagine if you saw a message that showed a scene from a bombing in Syria with a strong audio message that said "What if this was your neighborhood"? Again directing a person to watch the mail or directing them to a website.

I know that the Ron Paul campaign doesn't have unlimited funds and basically 5 second trailers are something you have to ask for when purchasing a Television or Radio spot and are considerably cheaper. Direct mail campaigns can be targeted to only the elderly demographic as most others would simply go to their computers for the answers. I always had pride in knowing that I spent my clients money discretely and always got them great results. I only stopped working, because of illness or I would probably be one of those people we are trying to get to listen to Ron Pauls message!

One other area I have noticed that seems to be taking a few supporters from Ron Paul is Santorum. Santorum is using his religious foundation to gain support of that demographic! Romney's Mormonism is a religion which most people don't understand but are afraid of! Gingrich is also Catholic but doesn't seem to be a practicing catholic! So where do the evangelicals place their faith? Behind the only candidate that is out there using that to his advantage. In essence if these Evangelical Christians were REALLY firmly rooted in their foundation they wouldn't dare support a catholic as their principals are vastly different. Ron Paul doesn't have to scream his religious preferences but he does need to make more people aware as they are turning to Santorum simply for lack of a better choice!

There are many more things that the Ron Paul team can do to gain more supporters and by banding together and staying that way we will win no matter what the outcome because Americans are already changing and paying attention to the message of Liberty! We just have to keep going and spreading the news!

One major conspiracy theory out today is that the Mayan Calendar proposes a "MAJOR SPIRITUAL AWAKENING", in 2012. Has anyone considered that just maybe the AWAKENING OF RETURNING TO OUR CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS & PRINCIPALS", might just be the saving grace! Because if we don't "CHANGE AMERICA", there won't be an America to change!

I don't know about the rest of you but I am here till the end because I never give up! Like Ron Paul my persistance is endless and the results I achieve as a result are simply knowing that I gave it my all and my very best!