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03-05-2012, 04:01 PM
'Scuse me if I'm late in posting this. I'm new to the Antisec drama.

(NaturalNews) The hacker community has risen to the challenge of targeting the single most evil corporation in the world -- a corporation responsible for countless crimes against humanity and the attempted overthrow of global agriculture. That firm, of course, is Monsanto, which was voted the "Most Evil Corporation in the World" by NaturalNews readers in January of 2011 (http://www.naturalnews.com/030967_Monsanto_evil.html).

AntiSec, which is reportedly affiliated with Anonymous, hacked into Monsanto's servers, acquired an outdated database of user comments and emails, then dumped it on the web (see link below). While the acquired material was not itself meaningful (and it didn't reveal any smoking guns), the real news here is that AntiSec has turned its attention on Monsanto and recognizes how incredibly evil that corporation really is.

Hackers have more ethics than government operativesWhat's apparent in all this is that the AntiSec hacker group has ethics. Yes, you heard that right: This group has ethics in the sense that they pick targets who are damaging life on our planet (and driving countless farmers out of business) rather than merely picking targets for their own gain.

Hacking in and of itself, you see, is neither good nor bad. Technology is morally neutral until someone decides to use it for something. From that point, it is the morals and ethics of the user (or group of users) who determines the ethical implications from its use. Government uses technology to secretly surveil all your emails, for example. That's evil. The military industrial complex uses technology to fire depleted uranium shells at civilian buildings and structures in Afghanistan. That's evil too (it's also a violation of UN conventions, but that's another story).

So what do you call the use of technology to destroy evil? That's called "good." Any use of technology to disrupt the operations of evil institutions, or to halt the expansion of an institution that is causing widespread death and destruction, is by definition GOOD.

Monsanto targeted for crimes against humanityYou can't find a more evil example of a corporation than Monsanto, in my opinion: This company sues farmers whose fields have been contaminated by Monsanto's GM seeds; it fights against the full transparency labeling of GMOs in order to keep consumers in the dark; it conspires with the USDA behind closed doors to legalize experimental GM crops; it unleashes untold destruction on the global environment through genetic pollution; and it has been involved with everything from Agent Orange to aspartame. This is a company with a reputation of death, destruction and irreversible global damage.

"Your continued attack on the worlds food supply, as well as the health of those who eat it, has earned you our full attention," AntiSec wrote about the firm. "Your crimes against humanity are too many to name on one page."

That's true. Even NaturalNews can't keep up with all the crimes of Monsanto.

"You have put over 9000 small-time farmers out of business by using your enormous legal team to bury them with your malicious patent lawsuits," AntiSec wrote in its statement. "You have continually introduced harmful, even deadly products into our food supply without warning, without care, all for your own profit."

See the full AntiSec statement at:

Edible vaccines and moreThe data dump acquired by AntiSec reveals what appear to be user-posted comments for an article posted by Monsanto. Some of these comments involve edible vaccines, and they appear to have once been fully public comments.

In one comment with the subject line "Edible HIV Vaccine based on Scrub Typhus", a Cornell Ag Graduate student named Henry Brown drools over the possibility of feeding the world HIV vaccines by engineering their local food crops to contain the vaccine.

He gives a contact at Cornell who specializes in plant vaccines: Boyce Thompson (cja7@cornell.edu). He then goes on to brag about his own gene mapping thesis which he conducted as "Los Alamos", saying: "I did thesis on Computer Assisted Genetic Mapping at Los Alamos, HIV, Genome, Human Genome, Genbank. I am former Peace Corps Volunteer/Cornell Ag. Grad." - Henry Brown (hbrown@pnm.com)

In another comment, someone named Michael Katz talks about how Monsanto needs to indoctrinate children with pro-GMO attitudes by influencing the schools. All the typos are his, by the way, not mine:

"It is amazing to me that so many apparantly intelligent people, including close friends of mine, harbor superstitious views of bio-tech and genetically altered foods and plants. They fail to understand that water and arable land supplies are finite and that world population is not. I would also foward these articles to high schoolers and their teachers. The arguement for bio-tech is going to be a long one and we must include bright youngsters and their teachers in our fight." - Michael E. Katz

The dump of information also includes a comment from a woman named Heather Stouder who admonishes Monsanto people for their blind ignorance and arrogance about GMOs:

"Why do scientists feel that they can solve the world hunger problem with a simple turn of the corner once again, after so many of those turns (deemed miracles of life science at the time) have failed within the last 50 years... It is completely ridiculous to me that "well-educated" (educated and funded by whom, i wonder...) people cannot see the obvious cultural and environmental disasters waiting to happen with these technologies... Obviously, this message won't reach many of you in agreement, but I encourage you to take a closer look at the reality of the situation, which is completely masked within this web-site filled with propaganda and half-truths..."

One especially lucid commenter posted on the Monsanto website this powerful explanation:

"The notion that technology itself will save humanity is a dubious assertion, but it is a very modern one. Indeed there is a compelling argument to be made that technology is actually paving the way for humanity's possible demise. Technology without wisdom leads only to opportunists who seek to use their "ownership" of powerful technologies to control the direction, form and destiny of human civilization for the benefit of their self-interests, neglecting the interests of the world's population. The common people under democracy were supposed to have been promoted to citizens, instead they have been rendered into consumers: faceless and passive receptacles of mass consumption and production. The key to understanding this is by examining how the mass media operates. The mass media is designed to propagandize the common people in emerging and established democracies who constitute the majority of the burgeoning modern human population, into accepting the status quo as the most viable and practical interpretation of reality."

Ethical hacking targets destructive institutionsPersonally, I enjoy seeing the hacker community go after the bad guys like Monsanto. If government regulators won't hold these groups accountable, and the mainstream (sellout) media won't ask the tough questions, who is supposed to keep these institutions honest? There is a great sense of social justice in seeing this take place.

Some people counter and ask, "But isn't hacking illegal?"

Well yeah, technically, but so is half of what the federal government does every single day. Unleashing genetically modified crops upon the landscape is blatantly illegal and violates numerous provisions of federal law, yet the USDA does that every single week, it seems. Reaching down your pants at the airport and fondling your nut sack is illegal, but the TSA does that countless times each day (and that doesn't even count the number of children they molest or the number of women they strip search, too).

Former MF Global head Jon Corzine, who has powerful connections to the White House, stole a billion dollars (or more) from investors and hasn't even been arrested. Countless "green energy" companies with ties to the White House blew through billions of dollars of taxpayer money, creating no products whatsoever, went bankrupt, and then nobody gets in trouble for that either. The banks steal your mortgages, the government steals your retirement, the Fed keeps devaluing your dollar, and the government regulators like FDA, USDA, DEA and DHS are operates entirely as criminal gangs, with absolutely no respect for federal law, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Heck, the ATF runs guns into Mexico! (http://www.naturalnews.com/032934_ATF_illegal_firearms.html)

So who's the real criminal in all this? Government, of course. And the corporations they selectively allow to operate.

A revolution may be brewing...It is a well-known fact of history that the People will only remain oppressed for a short while, after which they will take matters into their own hands. This targeting of Monsanto by AntiSec is just one sign of many more to come -- signs that the People are tired of being poisoned, lied to, exploited and fed an endless stream of corporate B.S. and government lies.

Personally, I think AntiSec is just the beginning of Monsanto's troubles. I had a weird dream just the other night involving thousands of farmers from across the country physically marching upon Monsanto's headquarters, conducting citizens' arrests of all Monsanto employees, then torching the entire complex and watching it burn it to the ground. I didn't know what to make of it -- was this a vision of things to come? Or just my subconscious mind playing out its own creative vision of social justice? My position has always been to avoid violence, of course, so I hope that if such an event does occur, nobody gets hurt.

What I do know is that Monsanto is engaged in the ultimate violence against humankind -- the kind of "violence" that is insidious because it happens invisibly, at the microscopic level. Yet it wreaks death and destruction everywhere; not just in the farmer suicides across India (http://www.naturalnews.com/030913_Monsanto_suicides.html), but also in the frustration and despair that inevitably follows a farmer's decision to plant GM seeds and spray his fields with Roundup. Little does he know that he is destroying his own future and poisoning the land for at least a generation.

AntiSec may very well turn out to be the champion of the People that exposes the lies of biotech and helps end this technological insanity that threatens the future of viable life on our planet. It is my secret hope that they uncover yet more information that may help protect the People and our natural world from exploitation by destructive corporations like Monsanto.

If anyone from AntiSec is reading this, please note that we have a public tip submit system, whereby anyone can send us documents or text that needs to be made public. That URL is: http://www.naturalnews.com/newstips/NewsTips.asp

And for the FBI agents reading this, no I do not know any AntiSec operatives. Their identities are a total mystery to me. But I do believe they are for the most part people of conscience who only resort to hacking as a tool for social justice. And my guess is that they are growing stronger with each insult to freedom and justice that is committed by the federal government working in conspiracy with evil, destructive corporations.

My deepest wish is that we could all coexist in a world of true justice, where even those who claim to be authorities of the law are, themselves, subjected to those same laws. Much of what takes place in government today is outright runaway criminality. I ask: How do We the People stand a chance against runaway tyranny if not for the help of the faceless, nameless, anonymous defenders of justice who put their own freedom at risk to expose the truth that no one else will?

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035152_AntiSec_hackers_Monsanto.html#ixzz1oHYxLlkA