View Full Version : "The revolution will not be partisan"

03-04-2012, 10:10 AM
So I was thinking about how Ron Paul stated that the revolution will be embraced by both the republican and democratic parties. I was thinking about how Ron Paul could back that statement up by picking a democrat for Vice President such as someone like Dennis Kucinich or Barney Frank. If he did this, I personally believe he would gain overwhelming support from the left side. Of course he would also probably lose support from the right, I suppose, but I think it would represent something great if he backed up the statement of the revolution being bi-partisan by picking a democrat that he personally sees as a decent choice from the left side. It would also help democrats by allowing them see a good example of who a good democrat would be, which I have personally seen in Dennis Kucinich.

Just want to state that in no way am I condoning hopping ship for democrats or anything. I'm full-blood conservative myself and have no desire to elect a liberal over a true conservative, but I would personally like to see more decent choices for politicians on both sides of the fence.

Edit: I also want to add that a Gary Johnson/Ron Paul(VP) ticket also sounds pretty sweet if Ron doesn't get the Republican nomination and Gary ends up as the Libertarian.