03-03-2012, 12:28 AM
We’re in the last hour of this fight and we need your help! Our case against the New York State Board of Elections is in the New York State Supreme Court, we’ve been awarded default judgment and we’re waiting for the judge to make his final decision!
With victory in this case, the people will be able to control both the Democrat and Republican parties. That’s right, control both parties! We can rewrite the party rules and change the election law to be able to allow constitutional, regular people to run for office. Since 1909 the office of committeeman has been stolen, It is now nothing but a façade as almost all are only appointed and not elected. It’s the best kept political secret. For those who do not understand the importance of the committeeman, in a nutshell, the committeeman is supposed to be the elected official that represents the people of their party in their election district as to who runs for office according to the will of the people. This office is the conduit from the people to every office in America including the president. Today this job is run by only six or so people in each county to do the choosing who we get to run for office. It has become an oligarchy. This office is the most important political office in the country and very few people know about it or what it is supposed to be. It is the essence of a Representative Republic.
We need to have at least three or four legally elected committeemen in each county to take control once the law case is awarded to the people. We can overwhelm the party with constitutional people to stand up for what is right in a Representative Republic. It is the ultimate control of our political destiny. The petition process will be starting on March 20th and the time is at hand to respond to the call as the minutemen did!
Go to newyorkcomitteeman.org to read the law case and find out where the next presentation in New York State will be. Contact us if one isn’t near you and we’ll bring it to you.