View Full Version : 1-800-RON PAUL "Find out what they don't want you to know"

03-02-2012, 01:38 PM
Commercial or Flyer:
"Find out what they don't want you to know" (something like that, as a hook) and have a toll free # they can call.
Have a 3-4 minute recorded msg with the information. People who watch MSM think he's "crazy" because they don't get the real info, thus they don't understand his message.

Along with the obvious, like his consistency…
Explain that he doesn't want to legalize drugs/prostitution/etc but give that authority to the states,
Explain why that he never votes yes on bills that threaten civil liberties,
Explain non-interventionalist vs. isolationist,
Explain the real potential for hype-inflation and its consequences,
Explain how a presidential nomination for Ron would end corruption in government,
Explain why the FED needs to be audited and ended,
Explain how another war will not only hurt us economically, but render our forces ineffective due to man-power,
Explain how he IS electable

Say whatever it is that got all of our light bulbs to turn on.

I think a lot of people might be curious, but not want to do the research. It is much easier to believe what they are being told..."vote Mitt, vote Romney they are the only electable candidates". Explain why RON PAUL is the candidate to get Obama out of the white house.