View Full Version : Take back the narrative.

02-28-2012, 11:24 AM
Please pass this idea along to Ron Paul and his (campaign)Handlers. Do you remember the Big Mac song? Nike shoes slogan? Green Giant foods jingle? 9-9-9?

Marketing the product or service is key. A good product/service/message will gather standing by itself in time. We don't have time. Paul had the deck stacked against from the word go. The media has held the narrative and pushed public opinion. Paul has been trying to share his message from a defensive position this whole time. Its time to take command of the narrative and the high ground. A successful sell takes winning over the "Neoconed" morel majority plus the latino vote. Both of which share Religion and Economic cultural moorings.

The slogan I envision is some variant of..We need to "get fiscal religion" before we end up like Greece. "Get Fiscal Religion" will take the high ground. In fact the only attack that can be laid on it is the cry "Greece doesn't have a printing press". If it is tried hit them over the head with it, no problem there.

To gain command of the narrative you have to force the media to take notice of the slogan. ADs ADs ADs ADs ADs! Interview interview interview! Stay on the crafted message and pound it over the airwaves and in the news cycle.

The South is still wide open. The Latino vote is open. This thing is wide open. Public opion is everything just ask Étienne de La Boétie. We have an Army of youth but that can't win this alone. We have some delegates but even with a brokered convention that wont be enough. Paul needs a state. Maine might end up with us but don't hold your breath. The Paul Campaign needs to go on the attack, throw it long, long enough for a first down. We have nothing to lose. And a Rothbardian combo Physiocratic change to win.

This kind of slogan appeals to the Heart and the Wallet of the party base. And to the Latino "new blood" demographic shift. Doubt the power of a catch phrase or slogan? Just remember what it took to knock Herman Cain out.

Let the State be Goliath. Let Liberty be David. Let the Stone be Paul. Let "Get Fiscal Religion" be the sling.