View Full Version : Even in Venetia some people support liberty and its champ!

02-27-2012, 02:57 PM
Hello everybody!!
Congratulations for all that you're doing here and on the ground, I'm so impressed so many people exist who strongly believe in liberty, in armony, in happiness and work together to make it possible. It can sound cheesy, but there isn't any kind of enthusiasm at all here in my country, seeing you folks makes me feel better, America, at least, is alive!

I started following Republican primaries last summer, I read about Herman Cain when Cain was ahead, I read about Gingrich when Gingrich was ahead, I read about Santorum because of his surname, I read about Huntsman because of his career. Then I read about Paul and... well you know how they say, once you go Paul you never go back. I went Paul and I'm not going back! :cool:
..and it can't be different when you live in the "last socialist state of western world"...

I had the chance to give my humble contribute to a supporting RP effort in this forum. Being able to do something, however little, for Dr. Paul from here is awesome. Wish I could do more!...

Keep up seeding like this, something good will grow strong!!
God and Saint Mark bless you!!!