View Full Version : 3 doomsaying experts who foresee economic devasation ahead

02-27-2012, 06:49 AM
It's on Drudge. I share these type of articles with my apathetic friends when discussing Ron Paul, then show them his 2002 Predictions video.

I'm combining it with the recent story of Wyoming Lawmakers pushing a Doomsday Preparation Bill to emphasize that even State Governments are taking the crisis seriously (to dissuade any tin-foil accusations).

This is just one more method I'm using to try to turn people on to Ron Paul.


02-27-2012, 07:24 AM
No need to be wearing tin foil to be aware that power brokers have been looking for a way to establish a global currency by creating a global crash and a need for a global government to save the day. It's understandable that people don't want to see the writing on the wall though. It is depressing.

I take heart knowing we have been doing what this guy in the article suggests-

Celente's advice centers on survival. He says buy gold so you don't lose purchasing power when the value of the dollar plummets. He says buy a gun to protect your family against desperate people in search of food and money. He says plan a getaway to places with more stable finances and governments

Chile South America has been looking good.

Thanks for spreading this article around.

We really need for Paul or someone to get the idea of competing currencies in the U.S. established ASAP. I don't think it is to late for the worst of it to be diverted.