View Full Version : On Iran, Paul should attack Obama

02-23-2012, 02:02 AM
Whenever the topic of Iran comes up, and especially if there are any more debates (but also in speeches and interviews), Dr. Paul needs to state his position by attacking Obama. No one can boo him and Republicans will be more inclined to listen to him, if he is attacking Obama when he's talking about Iran, since they hate Obama.

He could say things like...

* The way Obama is dealing with the Iran situation is totally wrong

* Obama is placing sanctions on Iran, which do not work and only harm the people while helping their dictators stay in power. Obama's policies are a failure.

* Unlike Obama who is trying to control Israel and telling them they aren't "allowed" to strike Iran, as President, I would defend Israel's sovereign right to strike Iran if they feel it is necessary, just as I was one of only a few to defend Israel's right to strike Iraq in 1981.

* Obama is leading us into a war with Iran which would likely start World War III and could result in a nuclear holocaust. Obama's foreign policy is reckless and dangerous.

This kind of talk would be much better received by Republicans, without sacrificing any principles. And in a debate, he would receive cheers instead of boos!