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Ash Wadhwani
02-21-2012, 01:13 AM
pEOPLE ARE SHIRKING FROM SMALL CHALLENGES and going for the #big fail occupy stuff

If people do not hold the media criminally responsible for bias and blacking out truthful reporting.

I mean it's in plain sight cmon, Google Ron Paul and see how many pages vs other candidates. Do the same on youtube videos and also chk the likes/dislikes and comments.

It is clear that Ron Paul is the favorite BY FAR. Stop all other occupy BS and #OCCUPY GLOBAL MEDIA - the real culprits who were trusted to stop such a thing happening (also JFK spoke about this)

Wall street gave in to temptation but the media were the temptors, we 'were' supposed to trust press more than stock brokers surely, but not any more, times have changes

Ron Paul is headline news and he aint even on the frontpage??? And people want occupy wall street and bs fail stuff?

Anyone who cares any bit for Ron Paul should not waste time and confront anyone else but the media, the media owes you a true witness that they criminally defaulted upon

We are playing with barbie dolls otherwise, take a hard look please. Let's get together on a new Forum maybe and discuss only how to get the media reporting in line and focus only on that. WRITINGS ON THE WALL.
I quote Ron Paul - What if I'm wrong - nothing bad happens, but what if I'm right . . .

Thanks people

02-21-2012, 02:48 AM
Fuck the media. I haven't had a tv since 08'. You'd be surprised how much clearer you think once you unplug from it. Want to have a real effect, ignore them and act as if they don't exist and nothing they say or wright means jack shit.

Boycotting is the most effective way to leave them high and dry, with no advertising money the media train crashes and with no cable subscribers, who, mind you, pay $30-$100 to have advertisments and propoganda pumped into their homes, they will cease to exist and have relevancy.

It is not any wonder the world is the way it is, when the nation is addicted to senseless entertainment. People wonder why it is no longer a prosperous place and their freedoms are pretty much gone, so that once oppressed people now snicker at us.